3D Printing: What’s the Fuss All About?


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There’s so much about 3D printing on the internet nowadays. The technology which gradually gained prominence in recent years has attracted the tech enthusiasts all over the world with its innumerable uses and the hazard it poses. 3D printing or Additive printing is a process of creating a 3-dimentional product by printing material layer upon layer based on a digital model as opposed to the traditional subtractive printing common in industries which involves the removal of a part of the base material through cutting or drilling till the desired shape is formed. The major advantage 3D printing has over the latter is in the ease and speed in which production occurs and in the infinite forms that can be achieved using this process.
This technology has been around for a while actually, as Chuck Hull of the 3D Systems Corp invented the first working 3D printer in the year 1984. After that year, engineers started working on newer and more efficient versions of this machine based on various technologies like stereolithography, DLP projection, material jetting, material extrusion, fused deposition modelling, binder jetting to mention a few. The various manufacturers of these printers employ the method which best suits their goals during production with the big names being RepRap, MakerBot, Airwolf etc.

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